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Key controls:

This tool can generate diverse kind of shapes (points, circles and polygons). The user creates a shape by clicking with the mouse in a particular position of the canvas and the tool draws automatically 3 symmetric siblings. As well as, choosing among 1 to 9 for the number of sides of the shape. Occasionally can also change the size of the shape, and toggle shape filling. The tool has also the capability to create random sketches simply by pressing 'r' (or 'R') key, once, or as many times as desired by the user. All these features allows to get automatically formal balance in the composition of a sketch.

This interactive sketch generator allows the user to create symmetrical patterns by hand, or randomly. Even more, I suggest you to generate a random base sketch and then perform manual inputs. If you desire to change the color of a shape (color is generated randomly), don't drag the mouse, just left-click to generate a new random color. I hope you enjoy playing with this tool.

Built with Processing and Processing.js by Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez (Barcelona, Catalonia)